Our Favorite Networking Strategies

Our Favorite Networking Strategies

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We often discuss the importance of networking around the Simplified Marketing Solutions office, knowing how valuable the right connections are for a business. Shawn, our firm’s President, explained, “Networking is a vital tool because it provides a platform to meet likeminded people and build connections that benefit team members and the entire company.”

There are a few simple strategies we take into all our Simplified Marketing Solutions networking pursuits. First, we create concise pitches, similar to elevator speeches, that describe who we are and what we do. We keep them as short and simple as possible to allow for efficient networking. Plus, when they are brief, it’s easier for us to remember and deliver them.

Showing interest in other people and their goals is another key part of our networking approach. We ask open-ended questions that keep potential contacts talking. By leaning in slightly toward other people as they speak, we leave no doubt that we are interested in their responses.

We always follow up with new contacts within a day or two of our first meetings. We’ve found that jotting down a few personal notes on the business cards we collect at big events helps us craft more compelling follow-up messages.

These are just a few of the tactics we use to make the most of each networking event. Follow Simplified Marketing Solutions on Instagramto learn more about our contacting exploits.