Getting Extra Motivated With March Madness

Getting Extra Motivated With March Madness

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We love to take part in friendly competitions around the Simplified Marketing Solutions office, so March Madness is always something we enjoy. This goes both for the NCAA basketball tournament and our own in-office contest. We compete with our colleagues for a variety of incentives every March, including bragging rights that last for the whole year.

Sports-related concepts play huge roles in our leadership programme. The importance of goal setting is one of the core concepts behind our success, and it’s also something people learn by participating in sports. Just as athletes set clear goals for what they want to achieve, we do the same at Simplified Marketing Solutions HQ. Whether they involve personal growth, revenues, or expansion, we know that well-defined objectives keep us motivated.

Playing sports also teaches the value of bouncing back when adversity hits. We’ve found that there are positive lessons to be gained from any situation. This is especially true when we encounter unexpected obstacles and outcomes. We’ve adopted the top-flight athlete’s habit of quickly refocusing any time something gets us off track. If we must adapt our plans or refine our methods, we’re determined to stay the course right through to a successful end.

We’re ready to turn our in-office March Madness into a springboard for a record-breaking year. Follow Simplified Marketing Solutions on Twitter for more on our fun team contests.