How to Be Indispensable: Follow Abdullahi’s Lead

How to Be Indispensable: Follow Abdullahi’s Lead

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Company superstars are born when they rise to the occasion. In our Simplified Marketing Solutions office, one such individual is Abdullahi, who recently showed he has the right attitude and energy to become a leader someday. Let’s look at what he did and why he is our recognized brand ambassador this month.

Shawn, our Simplified Marketing Solutions President, selected Abdullahi for special recognition based on the skill set he displayed recently while Shawn and others were on a trip. “A few members of our team and I headed to the annual Rest and Relaxation Retreat in Punta Cana,” he said. “While we were away, operations continued smoothly because of Abdullahi. He stepped right up to the plate and grasped the opportunity to showcase his leadership ability. He represents exactly the type of person who will go far in this industry.”

As Shawn noted, Abdullahi has the right attitude to succeed. “He routinely stands out amongst his colleagues because he puts forth extra effort,” he said. “In addition, he embraces our Simplified Marketing Solutions team-based culture. He collaborates with others. He goes the extra mile to reach out and be of help to others who need it. This was evident while we were away. Abdullahi showed this by wearing many hats during this time. He is a role model for others.”

We frequently highlight our team members and recognize what they have achieved.

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