The Interview Questions That Will Land You a Job

The Interview Questions That Will Land You a Job

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Every interview presents an opportunity for candidates to ask questions. As we’ve noted in our Simplified Marketing Solutions recruitment process, applicants who ask thoughtful questions often rise above the rest. Here are a few inquiries that can impress hiring managers:

• What key trait do your top performers share?: High achievers tend to have many qualities in common that fuel their abilities to succeed. In our Simplified Marketing Solutions coaching model, we often discuss those traits that set individuals who get results apart from others. When a candidate asks us about these qualities, it allows us to share with them a bit about our culture and our team’s vision of excellence.

• What expectations do you have for this role for the first 90 days?: In many companies, recently hired individuals are measured after the first three months to determine if they are a good fit. Candidates who ask this question have a better feel for how realistic the goals might be during a short time frame as well as their chances for success.

• What challenges do you see for the near future?: This question always wows us because it suggests that the candidate seeks to use his or her skills to be a valuable problem solver. This fits well with our Simplified Marketing Solutions culture.

Our mission is to see people succeed, from landing a job to launching a career.

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