A Memorable Invite-Only Retreat

A Memorable Invite-Only Retreat

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Several members of Team Simplified Marketing Solutions recently attended an all-expenses-paid R&R trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Shawn, our firm’s President, noted that this type of getaway comes around once a year for those who have worked hard to achieve ambitious goals. Attendees were able to relax and network with accomplished people from all across the country.

The top performers chosen for the retreat enjoyed plenty of fun in the sun and returned to the Simplified Marketing Solutions office refreshed. There was also a recognition dinner where our team members danced the night away. The root of our culture is positivity, so being able to reward our standout ambassadors with a trip like this is fantastic.

One of the best parts of a tropical excursion like the Punta Cana trip is that it offers time to reflect on past successes. Our team members were able to think about what’s going well and where they’d like to make improvements. The fact that they could discuss best practices with all kinds of high achievers at the same time was icing on the cake. With new perspectives on the value of the work we do, there has been a buzz throughout our office since our top performers returned.

We’re already excited about next year’s retreat, so we’ll be working hard to qualify for it. Follow Simplified Marketing Solutions on Twitter for more details on our travel plans.