The Perks of a Vibrant Company Culture

The Perks of a Vibrant Company Culture

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Company culture is a big priority for Simplified Marketing Solutions. When our team members maintain strong relationships outside the office, they bring their renewed bonds back into it. The experiences lead to heightened motivation overall.

Sometimes we organise small group outings, when everyone available gets together for wings or some other dinner. On other occasions, we plan larger events. We make sure all our people are free for the gatherings. We encourage them to bring their friends and loved ones as well. These Simplified Marketing Solutions functions take place at least once per month. We’ve gone bowling, go-karting, and paintballing!

There are more to our group nights than fun and energy. Here are a few more benefits they offer:

” Enhanced Communication: The more we learn about each other in laid-back settings, the better we can apply our knowledge in the office. We use our insights to effectively share feedback, exchange information, and employ preferred teaching strategies.

” Closer Collaboration: Whether we’re working on campaigns or competing against another group in a rousing paintball game, we know that teamwork is the best way to score winning results. We practise slipping into our roles and weaving our strengths. It feels all the more natural when we do it in the office.

We’re looking forward to our upcoming group activity. Follow Simplified Marketing Solutions on Instagram for details on the next event we’re planning.