Simplified Marketing Solutions’ Career-Boosting Travel Tips

Simplified Marketing Solutions’ Career-Boosting Travel Tips

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If you’re similar to our people at Simplified Marketing Solutions, you’re always looking for ways to kick your career up a notch, from attending industry conferences to networking whenever possible. Every moment counts. With that in mind, did you know there’s a potential source of untapped time you can use to boost your career?

It’s when you’re soaring over the country, traveling for business. Our Simplified Marketing Solutions team loves to use the time after takeoff to enhance our careers. Here are a few ways we do it:

  • Setting Goals: When our associates at Simplified Marketing Solutions travel on behalf of our company, they like to bring along simple notepads. Taking a few minutes out of your flight to write down five goals you’d like to accomplish in your career or position can help you focus for when you land.
  • Email Smarter: Even if you’re lacking access to in-flight Wi-Fi, this time is invaluable for composing emails you need to send. Use the extra minutes you gain during your travel to get the language just right.
  • Find Potential Partners: Pull out that notepad again and make a list of three individuals in your organization with whom you’d like to work or connect. While you’re at it, think up some projects on which you could collaborate.

You might experience the temptation to pull out your travel pillow and spend those valuable in-flight hours relaxing, but don’t allow it to overtake you! Use that additional time to get ahead instead. You’ll love the results.