Value Your Time and See More Success

Value Your Time and See More Success

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One of the conversations we have in our Simplified Marketing Solutions office is how to effectively manage our time. Consider time as money in the bank. If we invest the 24 hours we’re allocated each day, we can realize dividends. Here are three opportunities to use our time adequately:

” Use the 30/30 Rule: Studies have shown that the majority of people work best in short spurts during which they concentrate on one project. One way to accomplish this is to enact a 30/30 rule. We can schedule our day in 30-minute blocks during which time we only focus on that item. We can set a timer to go off as each block ends.

” Wake Up Earlier: Many people have noted during our Simplified Marketing Solutions meetings that mornings are when they are most productive. However, there’s always this rush to get out the door. One way to take advantage of that extra energy is to wake up earlier each day. Use that extra time to have a healthy breakfast or complete a light workout to increase energy levels.

” Look for Opportunities to Streamline: It’s easy to get into routines without considering opportunities to streamline what we do during a typical workday. In our Simplified Marketing Solutions brainstorming sessions, we consider ways to make processes quicker or easier.

When people value their time like money, it can go a lot farther. Follow us on Instagram for more time management tips.