We Make the Most of Mentorship

We Make the Most of Mentorship

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As we rush headlong into 2019, we’re more committed to mentorship than ever around the Simplified Marketing Solutions office. We offer personalised coaching to those who join our team, with mentors who have risen through the ranks sharing their insider’s perspectives. Through our mentorship programme, we’ve discovered a few key things that must be in place in a productive coaching relationship.

Before finding the right mentor, a person must be open and available to receive assistance. It’s essential to find someone who has enough time to devote to you and your career pursuits. Just as importantly, you need to be committed to putting in the hours as a mentee.

It’s also vital to have clear goals already in place if you expect to get maximum value from a mentor. If you know where you want to end up but aren’t sure how to get there, you can benefit greatly from a coach who has been around the block. Around Simplified Marketing Solutions HQ, our mentors know exactly what it takes to go from the entry level to reach great career heights.

We find mentors from outside our office when we venture to industry conferences and other big gatherings. The sources of advice we gain when we travel with teammates inform our coaching styles back home as well.

Our focus on mentorship figures to grow even stronger in the year to come. Learn more about how we emphasise personal coaching by following Simplified Marketing Solutions on Twitter.